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Classical Methods of Education:
The New, Old Way to Teach

We build on God's creation of the child as a natural learner and help equip students with the tools of self-learning as they progress through the "trivium." Ancient and Medieval education was structured around these three roads of learning. The students progress through subjects within each of the stages of development:
Jr. K - 2nd grade

Through age-appropriate, integrated activities, students study language arts, cursive, math, science, Bible, and social studies while also receiving instruction in art, music, history, culture, and physical education. Most importantly, a strong phonics program is implemented to help students learn to read and write with accuracy, confidence, and understanding as they begin their educational journey.

7th - 8th grade

At the stage when God has designed children to questions things around them, students are taught the skill of reasoning out the relationships among facts. They develop the skills to discern fact from fallacy and proof from propaganda. God's Word is always used as the plumb line for determining truth and for developing a Christian worldview amongst all connected subjects. As the mastery of facts continues, students develop skills to define and analyze key relationships among sets of facts.

3rd - 6th grade

Students readily soak up information and memorize facts learning the who, what, when, and where of subjects. Classic children's literature is studied thoroughly while mathematics instructions focuses on the continued mastery and application of the basic facts, building a solid foundation for higher level work. Latin instruction begins as a way to become masters of language and behavior pleasing to the Lord is encouraged as students' hearts are shepherded toward what God expects of them.

9th grade and beyond

Students learn to master the tools of learning. They begin to synthesize what they have learned. They learn to make practical use of the knowledge they have gained and learn to express their knowledge in creative and persuasive ways. Students are able to express their ideas eloquently in speech and in writing, drawing from their knowledge of all subjects as they debate and defend their propositions.

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